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Form action id
Form action id

Form action id

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The action property sets or returns the value of the action attribute in a form. For example, if form id = 'myform' action = '' > form name = "myform" action = "handle-data.php" >.Sometimes developers wish to set form action attribute of a html form. The action attribute specifies where to send the form data when a form is submitted. <form id="form_id" method="post" name="myform"> <h2>Javascript Set Form Action Sep 16, 2014 - This value can be overridden by a formaction attribute on a <button> or <input> In HTML 4,its use is deprecated ( id should be used instead). <g:form name="myForm" action="myaction" id="1"></g:form> results in: <form action="/shop/book/myaction/1" method="post" name="myForm" id="myForm"> Use the 'id' of the form to get the form object. Use the id attribute instead. Attributes The program that will handle the completed and submitted form (the action attribute). <form action="form_action.asp" method="get" name="myForm"> First name: The name attribute specifies the name of a form. Jun 2, 2011 - <form action="module-access.php?company=THE-USERS-INPUT" method="post" name="company" id="company"> Company Name: <input Aug 23, 2010 - When i try the following structure, it does't send id=value <form action="some.php?id=value" method="get"> <input name="name1" Apr 1, 2013 - Here your form method is post so you cont get the id through the get method ,you can do like <form class="addinvestmentform" action="<?php echo Applications should use the id attribute to identify elements.
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